Our instructors or how we see them…

Vocals: Meschiya Lake

We don’t know of any person that would fit better into the castle than our favorite wrecking ball, the gorgeous Meschiya Lake.
Here you can see one of the reasons why: ain’t she sweet? (And funny and ridiculously talented and heart-warming…)
Mrs. Lake will not only put on the show with the Dizzy Birds, who’s she has toured with in Europe during the past two years – she will also be the musical director of the jams that are going to happen nightly. And that’s still not all: For the first time this year you can take singing classes from her holy highness in person – ’cause there’ll be the brand new musician’s track: Bring your instruments or your voice, learn from Meschiya and her Birds, jam and play a real concert to show what you will have learned. Registration is open. And we already have a 6 piece band together!

Flo 2Double Bass: Flocko Motíon

Here you can see your double bass instructor Flocko Motíon freshly resurrected from the dead. It was only possible with the help of the entire Balboa Castle Camp participants last year: thanks again to everybody who helped in that matter – we are very happy to have him back!
Yes: not even a near-death experience can stop this man from slapping his bass (or blowing his sousaphone or tuba) – and he will gladly share his cumulated knowledge with you. It comes from years of busking around the whole world – ’cause there’s no teacher as good or cruel as the honest audience of the streets. (Or Meschiya and the whole Dizzy Birds at the castle for those who can’t spare a whole life…)
So you lucky music students don’t have to be afraid: you have almost a whole week to practice before the concert and Flo is the most relaxed dude you could possibly meet. His skills come with modesty, intelligence and a truely accomplished sense of humor.
He will also bring an original composition for his music students to be completed by themselves and teach them the art of rhythm, harmony, structure and composition at daytime. At night time you will here him play and also sing with the Dizzy Birds. And we do count on you to do your best to help him resurrect if it’ll be necessary again – no one knows what will happen at the Rocky Horror Picture Night…

FrancoisDrums, Guitar, Double Bass: François Perdriau

Here you can see a tired but happy François Perdriau recording at the castle – and why everybody has to like him…: He brings the groove and the smile and the funny english. Plus the real will to teach. Mr. Perdriau, father of two lovely daughters, is not only a bad ass musician, but also works as an educator. And this you will notice when taking his classes: He gets very happy when you start to really get something – and he can also express (and therefore share) this happiness with you. And that’s what will relax you so much that you might also understand the next wicked thing he’ll show you…
Maître François not only plays the bass drum, but also guitar, double bass and cornet. Initially taught by a traditional master drummer in Mali (I recommend you asking him questions about that time – but only if you have enough time to listen…), he brings back the roots of drums with an early set up: bass drum, cymbal, woodblock and bell. But whatever other things you might like to hit on: he can help you to get that rhythm we all enjoy when listening to the Dizzy Birds…

PaulBanjo & Guitar: Paul Voit

When choosing the name for their son Mr. Paul Voit’s parents must have already known he was a rockstar to be… And yes: Paul picked up the guitar as a teenager and he still is heavily influenced by blues and rock. As soon as he discovered his love for old timey Jazz music he also started to play banjo, clarinet and tenor saxophone. (One speciality of Paul is that he started to play strings right handed and later switched to his left hand – so I am still waiting for someone to build him a custom made guitar with two necks to both sides to sport this rare ability. Anyone…?)
Talking about sporting: Paul’s favorite cap shows the words ‘life of leisure’ – which describes his attitude quite perfectly. But besides being super relaxed Paul is also some sort of very skilled truffle pig when it comes to the good things in life: It’s a true pleasure to share a fancy meal or drink with him and to witness his sheer enjoyment. (You should definitely have one of the great Naked Lunch meals with him or pay him a nice drink at the bar to find out what I mean when you are at the castle…)
Paul was also the first in this bunch of Dizzy Birds who dared to learn dancing – and he was the first one not wanting to leave Swing Castle Camp after the first gig. What a brave man! What a wise decision! Register for the musician’s track and get some of that wisdom served on a silver platter – or become a rockstar yourself…

Carlos 2Piano, Trombone  & Trumpet: Carlos St. Ana

Classically trained on piano as a child Carlos St. Ana used to sleep while listening to Art Tatum playing loudly in his earphones the whole night through in his teens… (True story!) As he likes to manipulate other peoples’ subconsciousness as much as his own with music, he also composes for movies and theatre.
But you can not only hear Mr. St. Ana play piano as if Jelly Roll Morton would have come back to life, he also plays a loud and roaring trombone that will blow your mind.
You will be happy to hear him play that bone and the freshly tuned grand piano at night – and you can even take classes from him at daytime.

Laurent 2Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Trumpet: Laurent Humeau

As you can see here Laurent Humeau takes his job very seriously. When this moment was captured he recorded an EP with the Dizzy Birds, Meschiya Lake and Russell Welch at the castle last year. It will be released very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!
Laurent was born on Ivory Coast and very soon introduced to the guitar by his father. He has lived in more countries than most people have visited and found his way to Berlin via Paris some years ago. One of the few people that actually do bring Django Reinhardt to his listeners’ mind when playing the guitar, he taught himself soprano saxophone and clarinet and is recently discovering the trumpet. His playing is both powerful and delicate and can bring back dead people to party. So no worries – you will survive that castle without sleeping. For sure…

Reed instruments: Eldar Tsalikov

Edlar 2Here you can see the youngest of the Dizzy Birds – their official secret weapon – Mr. Eldar Tsalikov in the same recording session. Coming from a family of musicians he started playing saxophone at the age of 9 back home in Russia and never did anything else ever since: after graduating from Jazz School he was awarded by the Jazz Institute Berlin and studied alto saxophone and clarinet, both in classical and Jazz music. But you can just as well put him on a stage with traditional turkish musicians or grandpas from which ever balkan countries and he will adapt perfectly…
His playing is enchanting as well as lyrical and gives the Dizzy Birds another layer since he has joined the band as a steady member. But we are already curious which layer the party university Swing Castle Camp will give to Eldar. Hehe…