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We are looking for some more VOLUNTEERS to join the team! And you know what? This is your last chance ever to volunteer at Swing Castle Camp. Seriously. So get on up!
Any questions?

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Dear dancers:
This year's festival will be the last ever Swing Castle Camp.
Yes, indeed.
So: if you always wanted to come by: This is your last chance!
And if you have been with us already: Please come back to celebrate this very last feast with us.
Let's make it a good one all together!

Some inspiration:

PS/A little hint: You got more than 1,5 years to learn Balboa - Balboa Castle Camp will go on...

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Still not convinced you should spend a week at the castle...? Look at this: ...

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Got friends you don't want to miss at the castle...? For each one you invite (and who also joins the festivities) you'll get cash back at the check-in: 10€ if your friend stays for the weekend and 25€ for the whole camp - without limit. ...

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