Live: The Dizzy Birds

The Dizzy Birds, Berlin’s hottest Jazz band, will teach and play at the castle – every single day and night! And that ain’t all: You will also hear Peter Winqvist Loggins blowing his trombone and DJ Jack B. Latimer playing beautiful old timey tunes on his guitar.
Just like last year you can bring your instrument and take lessons from them at day time – and rehearse for the Swing Castle Camp Orchestra concert you are going to play all together…

Main DJ: Chris

From swing to blues, from Jelly Roll Morton to Tuba Skinny. For several years DJ Chris Wild plays tunes for dancers, always on the lookout for the most danceable songs.
You can find him on various dance floors in and out of his hometown Berlin, where he is considered as one of the most popular Swing DJs.
He loves to play a wide range of music, from the classics to contemporary bands and to the fringe of swing music. His goal is to make dancers to enjoy themselves and the music, play with different styles and attitudes, energy levels and go crazy once in a while.

Staff DJs

Mono Michalke

Born in Hamburg, self-taught artist Andreas Michalke published his first illustrations in the hardcore magazines Trust and Zap in the late 1980s. Playing in a band himself, he combined his two activities by making flyers and posters for other bands…
Andreas Michalke has been collecting records since 1980 and has DJd for 20 years. In the past years particularly for Swing dancers, amongst others at Herräng Dance Camp. He will bring a beautiful collection of 78s to the castle, but he especially likes 45s – those small vinyl records. Just because they leave no space for bullshit: All killer – no filler.


A ‘lost daughter’ of the Berlin swing scene, but one of the most active swing DJ’s in Stockholm and a popular house DJ of their renowned Chicago Swing Dance Studio. Since a couple of years back she’s been playing regularly at Herräng Dance Camp, often in charge of musical theme nights tributing various genres and styles within jazz.
Frida discovered jazz in her early teens– way before she even knew the words Lindy hop– a passion that definitely has given color and range to her library and choice of tunes. She’s quite turned off by the snappy potato hits but she can’t get enough of that notorious bebop swing and those magnificent big bands of Harlem prime time.


Jack has been a passionate record collector for many years and has amassed an enormous collection of the hottest leg-shaking LPs and 78s. Two year ago this unhealthy and highly neurotic behaviour was cut short when he moved to Berlin with nothing but his guitar and a hard-drive full of the hottest club hits of the late 20s and early 30s – from hot jazz and blues to western swing and the odd calypso. Jack very much enjoys playing his music for large crowds of sweaty, gyrating, euphoric humans (or lizard people) and believes that such primal occult activities will undoubtably lead to the return of The Dancing Lizard King from Proxima Centauri. All Hail The Dancing Lizard King.

Early morning crew: Miss Chief and The Mixologist

These two show up behind the DJ booth when their work is done – and that’s because they love to play their vinyls for those who never get enough: For the wild ones. They will bring selected hits of 50s and 60s Rhythm’n’Blues, early Rock’n Roll and Beat. And they might throw in a Twist. Or Hildegard Knef – you never know!
And let me tell you: they won’t stop as long as there is someone who still wants to party with them…