All passes include accommodation (a real hotel bed (no bunk bed) in the dorm in the refurbished barn next to the castle) and food (breakfast buffet, lunch and three-course dinner). Internet for the whole duration of the camp is included for free.

Costs – Entire Week
Week party pass (6 nights, including 4 hours of evening classes) 470 €
Week full pass with a partner (only for vintage swing, not solo or music track) 595 €
Week full pass without a partner (as above plus 16 hours (13 units) of daytime classes) 620 €
Weekend (Friday evening to Monday morning)
Weekend party pass (3 nights, including evening classes) 280 €
Weekend full pass (as above plus 7.5 hours (6 units) of daytime classes) 340 €

Please note that we can’t offer camping and there are no kitchens for you to prepare your own meals and no supermarket nearby. For these reasons all passes include accommodation and food (roughly 52€ per day).

Castle Camps Special Deal:
Discount if you take classes at both Balboa and Swing Castle Camp (applies only for one camp, will be deducted from theCC fee)      – 25 €


The included accommodation can be upgraded as follows (only for all 6 nights):
Dorm in the castle 60 €
3-4 persons bedroom in the castle 80 €
2 bedroom with shared bathroom in the residence (7 nights) 105 €
2 bedroom with private bathroom in the guesthouse (7 nights) 135 €
Shuttle bus:
Bus from / to Berlin (one way) 30 €
Shuttle from / to Halle (one way) 10 €

Availability provided you can upgrade the accommodation of your weekend pass and ask additional nights during check-in.