Days (classes)

There are three tracks to choose from:
* The Vintage Swing track – you can choose 3 out of 6 vintage swing dance styles!
* The Solo track (3 levels)
* The Musicians’ track with The Roamin’ Jasmine (New Orleans)

As a weekend visitor you can take part at the regular solo and vintage swing classes – and yes: you can choose 3 out of 6 vintage swing dance styles just like the full-time visitors!

classes3As we know you want to enjoy the late night parties as long as possible you may sleep all morning: classes will start at noon.
They take place in the beautiful ballroom and other light-flooded rooms in- and outside the castle. You might not even have to leave the house to get to the classrooms…
And as the teachers will reside at the castle as well there’s plenty of opportunities to get private lessons from them to get personal feedback on your dancing – besides the 13 sessions (16+ full hours of classes!) with the possibility to choose which dance styles you wanna learn in the Vintage Swing track!
And for whom that ain’t enough: there will be various evening classes held by our distinguished guest teachers to choose from…
All classes will be taught in English.
And yep – it’s true: You’ll have classes with live music!

classes1Vintage Swing track

Each of our 2 teacher couples will bring you 3 new dance styles to flavor up your repertoire – and you can chose which you want to learn all by yourself!
We will focus on swing dancing beyond Lindy Hop, not only historically and geographically – as back in the days (and without youtube!) people used to dance differently in different places – but also musically. The musical range used to be much wider than nowadays, there where not only ALL tempi played but also other accentuations such as latin grooves or completely different rhythms like Waltzes! A beautiful variety that we miss on today’s dancefloors…
Therefore we asked our knowledgeable teacher couples what they would like to teach you besides classical Lindy Hop. And we came up with a concept that allows you to choose yourself what you want to learn from which teacher – and combine the different dance styles as you please.
Each teacher couple will focus on 3 different topics. Each topic will be taught for 4 units (which equals 5 hours) so that you can really dive into that new old style rather than rushing through it in one poor taster class…

What you will learn in 2018:
(You can chose one from each row…)

#1 One Step
The easier the steps the happier your mind! Explore what your body is able to do when your head doesn’t have to think about steps and patterns… No music is too fast, and none too slow!
Jazz Cocktail
Combining steps and movements of different dances (St. Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Lindy Hop…) to do what music should make us do: just dance!
#2 Two Step
You might have seen Al Minns & Leon James demonstrate it: From Foxtrot to Lindy, from Ragtime to Swing – almost all of the dances we socially do are based on a simple Two Step basic. And the more you know the more you can mix in it!
Dancing Small
Tiny dance floor? No problem. Explore ways to swing your ass off in both closed and open position, even when you don’t have much space to do so.
#3 Jazz Waltz
Forget Vienna and associated affected behavior – next time you hear an Old Timey Jazz band break into a Waltz you can reach heaven on earth and the heart of your partner…
Ballroom Basics for Swing Dancers
For celebrating the music even when the band doesn’t swing: Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot and more!

Solo Swing track

These three tracks are real jewels: They will be very small to ensure an intimate learning experience. You will get tons of personal feedback in that tiny track!
So whatever your personal goals are: Enhancing your general quality of movement, get input for contests or reduce the stress level when performing – it will be taken care of.
Daniel and Rikard are thoroughly encouraging their Solo Jazz students to grow since the first year of Swing Castle Camp – and this year you’ll have Ksenia to bring some fresh air again! So you better be fast with registering: this track sells out fast each year…

Musicians’ track

We will have a brand new band to bring your musical skills to shine: The Roamin’ Jasmine all the way from New Orleans!
They have rocked Berlin’s dance floors in such an outstanding way last year that we absolutely needed to have more of them – much more. And because they are (in addition to their musical skills!) such well mannered, funny and decent dudes that we can’t wait to see the classes they will teach you – and to hear the result! Each of them is loaded with huge amounts of knowledge and a deep interest in the most diverse music styles – and that’s your chance to dig deeper into the swing thing as well as the most obscure other musical interest you might have…
This track is dedicated to those who already sing or play an instrument and want to get in-depth advice from great professionals about their playing. Just like the dance students you will have 13 sessions (16+ full hours of classes and rehearsals!) with our outstanding new house musicians. You will bring your own instrument  (or voice!) and have classes in small groups. You will also be part of the Swing Castle Camp Orchestra and rehearse with them throughout the week. As a highlight you will play a real concert with the orchestra to show what you will have learned. If you want to join this track please specify which instrument you want to have classes in when registering.