Taylor Smith & The Roamin’ Jasmine will not be able to make it to the castle – they had to cancel their whole Europe tour. BUT there are also good news:

Live band #1: Meschiya Lake & The Castle Camp Allstars

We could win parts of your favorite band from the last years to come back – and with them Meschiya Lake. So we can end the swing week the way we started it: Long live the Castle Camp Allstars!

Live band #2: Leonie Evans & band (UK, USA, GER)

There will be a second live band at the castle this year – a very much fitting one: Another Allstar band lead by  Leonie Evans‘ (UK) whose most magnificent voice will delight you for the beginning of the camp. She will bring musician friends from all over the world to the Castle – amongst them Craig Judelman (fiddle) who changed New Orleans for Berlin – lucky us!

Listen here and here if you fancy a little waltz – you will need it for your wedding the last night!

Staff DJs



A ‘lost daughter’ of the Berlin swing scene, but one of the most active swing DJ’s in Stockholm and a popular house DJ of their renowned Chicago Swing Dance Studio. Since a couple of years back she’s been playing regularly at Herräng Dance Camp, often in charge of musical theme nights tributing various genres and styles within jazz.
Frida discovered jazz in her early teens– way before she even knew the words Lindy hop– a passion that definitely has given color and range to her library and choice of tunes. She’s quite turned off by the snappy potato hits but she can’t get enough of that notorious bebop swing and those magnificent big bands of Harlem prime time.


Born in Barcelona. As a kid made an LP collection with his older brother, who introduced him to Jazz music. Enric studied photography and spent eternal nights developing pictures in his photographic laboratory. Swing music and a red bulb were his company. On the radio Jazz, early Rock’n Roll, blues, crooners…On sundays he was visiting the mitic Jam sessions on the Pipa Club  in Barcelona.
Five years ago he moved to Berlin to make a Photographic project and he decided to settle down. The swing scene captured him: he found again the red light and jazz music. He got into dancing  with Balboa, Blues and Swing, and started DJ’n as a natural evolution of his musical preferences. Music is a beauty and rhythm statement. He likes when he can play a fast blues for Balboa dancers.

Andi (aka Mono Michalke)

Born in Hamburg, self-taught artist Andreas Michalke published his first illustrations in the hardcore magazines Trust and Zap in the late 1980s. Playing in a band himself, he combined his two activities by making flyers and posters for other bands…
Andreas Michalke has been collecting records since 1980 and has DJd for 20 years. In the past years particularly for Swing dancers, amongst others at Herräng Dance Camp. He will bring a beautiful collection of 78s to the castle, but he especially likes 45s – those small vinyl records. Just because they leave no space for bullshit: All killer – no filler.

Christopher Rose

Raised on dad’s collection of Mr. Acker Bilk-records. DJ-ing in shabby places since 1998. Owned a Club in Berlin called Lovelite from 1999 – 2009. Co-hosted a swingy party series called Salon Obskur from 2008 – 2015. Switched styles from 60’s/70’s youth culture to earlier Jazz and Swing in 2008. Today’s favourite DJ-ing Places: Villa Neukölln + Die Blaue Stunde Berlin. Juggling with all kinds of Jazz styles from tasty to nasty as long as they’re pressed on Vinyl and having the right tempo for a happy feetwarming. Can’t stand Mr. Acker Bilk, though.

Golby Surround

Born in the mountains of Kurdistan, a country that never existed on the maps & where music and dance is considered sacred and a sanctuary, Golbarg moved 31 times, lived in 4 countries, went to 14 schools and lost all her possessing 2 times.
After studying interdisciplinary arts and photography in the Netherlands and the US she finally settled down in Berlin for the sake of dancing Tango Argentino daily and visiting the Jazz School for singing. But after she decided traveling to other cities for some good dances was no longer an option, she organized the legendary annual Berlin Tango Marathon for 10 years, as well as many other weekly dance events, always the last person leaving the dance floor. But what bugged her there was the limited choice of music, since she was collecting & spinning records all over the city for years by then.
About that time she started playing Organ for Gunman and the Holy Ghost, an alt./psych country Berlin based band. Starting to dance Balboa was the initial moment to share all that incredibly fast music she never knew who to play it for. Balboa was just the start, when she discovered that a lot of her other 20s & 50s music was a perfect fit for swing dancers. Firm with various genres –from Rag Time to Punk Rock– she refuses to deliver just an easy set and play the safe songs. Every DJ set is a new challenge to find the unexpected, the limits, and the forgotten – always focused on the dancers and the music lovers. If you need a musical prescription she’s your doctor!