Shag Jam

A small track for experienced Shag dancers

September 21st – 24th (Friday till Sunday/Monday)

For the last edition of Swing Castle Camp we wanted to provide the shag community a chance to experience what the castle is all about. After talking to Jenny and Christian we settled on Shag Jam.
This course will consist of a mix of Collegiate and St. Louis Shag and will focus on using the steps, patterns, and vocabulary you already know (plus some new things they’ll show you in class!) to create musical, innovative ideas using the language of shag.
It’s all just swing dancing, after all, so you’ll also explore how to keep the shag essence while also mixing shag in with other uptempo social dances.

You will have 7,5 hours (6 units) of classes with the two Saturday and Sunday and can experience the castle three nights in a row.


The passes include accommodation (a real hotel bed – no bunk bed – in the dorm in the refurbished barn next to the castle) and food (breakfast buffet, lunch and three-course dinner).
Internet for the whole duration of the camp is included for free as well.

Weekend full pass (3 nights, including evening classes, 7.5 hours of daytime classes) 340 €
Weekend full partner pass (as above when registering with a partner) 315 €

Our dance instructors:

Christian Frommelt

One of the rare opportunities to see this man without a perfectly fitting suit might be in the sauna at Swing Castle Camp… (Although we can’t promise that officially of course!) What we can promise though is that you can learn the unique styles of St. Louis Shag and Jitterbug from Christian at daytime and listen or dance to his beautiful piano playing at night time…
Those classes, held with Jenny, will be as authentic as it gets: the two of them not only hail from St Louis, but they have learned to dance from their own last local old-timers. So if you mix up that authenticity with a profound interest and knowledge of history, a sometimes subtle, sometimes sonorous sense of humor and a general, well-mannered understatement in quite everything he does you can imagine how nice it will be to hang out with him at the castle…
Or simply watch this little gif:

Jenny Shirar

Christian wouldn’t be complete without his teaching partner Jenny Shirar. They hit the castle for the first time last year and are both very excited to be coming back to teach the whole Swing track. Jenny – playful as a dancer and self confident and joyful as a teacher – arrived at the castle and melted into the atmosphere on the spur of the moment: A bit of teaching and a lot of socializing, and most important relaxed days to recover from long nights filled with contagious laughter and powerful dancing.
Back home in St. Louis Christian and Jenny built a solid scene that embraces the dance as well as the music – and crowned it with the annual Nevermore Jazz Ball, where we advice everybody to go in November. But before that: Let’s get wild at Swing Castle Camp and get your dose of St. Louis Shag!