Weekend only

Yes of course, you can also just show up for the weekend (September 21nd-24th)… You can choose between the regular solo or vintage swing track or just a partypass. But don’t blame us when you are sad to leave while all the others stay for the rest of the week…!

Vintage Swing track
In the Vintage Swing track you will be able to choose yourself what you want to learn from which teacher – and combine the different dance styles as you please… Even for the weekend!

Katja & Peter
Jenny & Christian

What you will learn in 2018:
(You can chose one from each row…)

#1 One Step
The easier the steps the happier your mind! Explore what your body is able to do when your head doesn’t have to think about steps and patterns… No music is too fast, and none too slow!
Jazz Cocktail
Combining steps and movements of different dances (St. Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Lindy Hop…) to do what music should make us do: just dance!
#2 Two Step
You might have seen Al Minns & Leon James demonstrate it: From Foxtrot to Lindy, from Ragtime to Swing – almost all of the dances we socially do are based on a simple Two Step basic. And the more you know the more you can mix in it!
Dancing Small
Tiny dance floor? No problem. Explore ways to swing your ass off in both closed and open position, even when you don’t have much space to do so.
#3 Jazz Waltz
Forget Vienna and associated affected behavior – next time you hear an Old Timey Jazz band break into a Waltz you can reach heaven on earth and the heart of your partner…
Ballroom Basics for Swing Dancers
For celebrating the music even when the band doesn’t swing: Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot and more!